Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register?

Follow fill out the form on the Tryout Registration page then download the 3 required documents on the Documents page and bring them with you to tryouts. (forms here)

When and how do I pay?

Your $50 tryout fee will be due when you show up at tryouts.  Your Club fees will be be due within two weeks of team placement. A payment plan can be set up as well. (inquire here) Payments can be made by check, cash, or Venmo. Checks should be made out to Appalachian Volleyball Club.

How do I know if my child is on a Regional, Zonal, or National team?

Team placements will be announced within two weeks of tryouts. Placement is based on several factors such as age, skill level, need, and sometimes individual preference. 

What should I bring to tryouts?

You should bring all three forms from the Required Documents section of this site (Registration Form, USAV Medical Release Form, and USAV Parent Code of Conduct), and  $50 tryout fee.

What are club fees used for?

Club fees are used to cover the cost of club equipment such as balls, ball carts, ball bags, and training equipment. We will also seek quality coaches and pay them for the training they provide to their teams. Zonal and National Teams include the cost of one tournament outside the region which includes coaches travel expenses.  At the end ouf our season we will donate equipment to the schools who allowed the club to use their facilities. 


How many days a week is practice?

All teams will start with 2 practices per week and possibly work up to 3 as we evaluate our gym space.


Do you only plan to do one “extra” tournament?

Zonal teams go to at least one extra tournament and that is included in the club fees.

Will my team go to more tournaments, but only paying for one up front?

Each team’s coach will talk to their parents and decide together if the team would like to go to additional tournaments outside the region. Any additional tournaments will be an additional cost and split between the players. National teams will go to more than one tournament outside the region, including one National tournament. Club fees include one of those tournaments as well. 

Accomodations & Travel

Do I have hotel options or does the whole team need to stay in the same hotel?

Some tournaments are “stay and play” which means the tournament requires players to stay in designated hotels. I the tournament is not a “stay and play’ you will have the option to chose any hotel you would like or stay with family/friends when traveling. 

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